telavivAreas of Expertise


The firm provides legal services and real estate transactions to private clients and companies that specialize in the sale of houses, apartments, offices and shops as well as in commercial and residential leases. The law firm's connection to M. Rottenberg and Sons and its familiarity with construction professionals in a great variety of construction areas enable the firm to assist clients – both Israeli and foreign residents - in creating engagements from the initial stages of planning and construction to the ongoing management of private and commercial assets.

The connection with Attorney Alon Saposhnik, who works on a regular basis with legal and commercial entities in Germany, enables the firm to provide its Israeli clients with some unique services. The firm can help Israeli clients purchase investment properties in Germany and connect to services for ongoing property management. The firm can also provide legal services to foreign residents purchasing investment properties in Israel


The firm provides services in inheritance planning and will editing to Israeli and foreign clients, estate management and litigation if needed. In today's world where new family structures are common, there is a need to pay attention to inheritance planning so that the will of the deceased will be honored and executed. The firm also prepares prenuptial agreements before first marriages and/or later marriages.

Attorney Rottenberg is certified to formulate an Israeli lasting power of attorney document as well as other documents according to amendment 18 to the Israeli guardianship and custody law.

Debt Collection

The firm provides collection and execution services for small and medium size businesses, including filing financial claims. The firm also advises clients on how to mitigate risk and improve collection efficiency. The firm works with the Enforcement and Collection Authority in Tel Aviv and is linked to its computerized system. The office is also linked to the Net HaMishpat system, which is the central computerized court system in Israel. These tools enable the firm to provide quick and efficient filing of financial claims to the courts and to carry out execution procedures.